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Lil Fraser Wraps

Lil Fraser Wraps – they are a swaddling wrap, a blanket, a feeding shawl, a bassinette throw, a pram cover and simply a must have for any new mother.

Lil Fraser Wraps from the Lil Fraser Collection is a range of fantastically designed 100% cotton stretch baby swaddling wraps. Significantly, they are the only baby wrap in Australia that are recommended by a number of leading parenting groups and maternity hospitals.

Lil Fraser Wraps are large enough (120 x 120 cm) for swaddling newborns and are big enough for use as a blanket for toddlers. Made from 100% Stretch Cotton Jersey, Lil Fraser Wraps give your baby room to move and allows their skin to breath. All while still swaddling snuggly enough to create that secure feeling of being in the womb.

A unique weaving process gives the Lil Fraser Wraps the unique stretch without the use of any synthetic fibres and also provides that extra level of quality and durability.

Lil Fraser Wraps are available in 17 different stylish designs so you are sure to find one that suits your taste.
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