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Seven Reasons to Love Jellycat Soft Plush Toys

Posted by Arne de Vos on

They are one of the most popular soft plush toy brands in the world and have been available at Barney’s Toy Box for a few months now. However, they sort of slipped in announced. So, in today’s post we take the time to introduce an absolute favourite – Jellycat Soft Plush Toys!

Why Jellycat is loved worldwide

Launched in 1999 in the UK, Jellycat soft plush toys have quickly become a worldwide favourite. And it is easy to see why. Here are just some of the reasons why the Jellycat and the Jellycat Bashful Bunnies are so loved:

1. Jellycat toys are original and stand out from the crowd.

The number 1 thing that stands out about the Jellycat range is their originality. Some of the characters are quirky, some a little bit silly and some just totally cute. But they are all sophisticated, filled with personality and are unlike any other plush toy brand. The Jellycat Bashful Bunnies in particular exude personality with their cute faces, long floppy ears and huge choice of colours. Jellycat soft plush toys really do standout from the crowd!


2. Jellycat toys are made with only the softest premium fabrics

Next to safety, the good people at Jellycat soft plush toys care about quality. These soft plush toys are made to last and to survive the rigours that come with being the favourite toy of any little boy or girl. The all new premium fabrics they use are super soft to touch, surface washable and are not going to fade. Jellycat soft plush toys are handmade, with the highest quality stitching and subject to the strictest quality control. The toys are made to last!

3. Jellycat toys are suitable for everyone – even newborns

Every Jellycat soft plush toy is safety tested to determined age suitability. Safety is at the forefront of each Jellycat design. For example, each of the Bashful Bunnies has a bag of beads incorporated into its design to help make it sit. All beads are enclosed within a cotton fibre inner bag meaning in the very unlikely event that a young child accesses the beads, they cannot swallow them.



4. There are so many styles and colours of Jellycat to choose from

Want a pink Bashful Bunny? But not really a tulip sort of pink, more of a sorbet sort of pink. Well you can get either (or both) with Jellycat soft plush toys. They have so many different ranges, style and colours there is guaranteed to be a Jellycat soft plush toy for everyone!

5. Jellycats are the softest soft toy around

Jellycat claims that that the Jellycat soft plush toys are “The softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored”. And we completely agree. They are irresistibly cuddly and the perfect bedtime friend for your little one. (but of course, no plush toys in the baby’s cot until they are a bit older please!)


6. Jellycat toys meet the highest safety standards

Okay, that can be said about every single product we stock at Barney’s Toy Box. But it is still important. All Jellycat soft plush toys meet the European Safety Standard (EN71 parts 1,2 & 3) and they have all willingly participated in these tests and all bear the CE mark as proof of their success.

7. A premium soft plush toy without the premium price tag.

Are Jellycat the cheapest soft plush toy on the market? Nope. And if they were you wouldn’t find them at Barneys Toy Box as we believe in quality and the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’. Having said that, considering the reputation, quality and uniqueness of Jellycat soft plush toys, they are remarkably well priced and in our view provide great value.

Comments or suggestions?

So there are out 7 top reasons we love Jellycat soft plush toys. Click here if you would like to check out the Jellycat characters we have available.

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