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​Review – Sapling Child 100% Organic Cotton Snuggle Wraps

Posted by Arne de Vos on

Our latest order of Sapling Child 100% Organic Snuggle Wraps has just arrived! The latest order includes two new styles ( Pink Starburst and Blue Starburst) to go with the existing styles (Rose Petal and Seaweed). 

Sapling Child Snuggle Wrap Pink Starburst  Sapling Child Snuggle Wrap Blue StarburstSapling Child Snuggle Wrap SeaweedSapling Child Snuggle Wrap Rose Petal

In the short time we have stocked them, the Sapling Child Snuggle Wraps have proven to be very popular. Indeed they are one of the most popular items at Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique and its easy to see why. We are sure that the new designs, which are a little more understated, will also be in very high demand.

Here is a quick look at the pros and cons of the Sapling Child 100% Organic Cotton Snuggle Wraps.


  • Truly Organic - not only is the fabric 100% Organic, but the the dye used is 100% Organic Vegetable Dye. This means that the fabric is softer than regular wrap, contains no toxins or nasty chemicals and are perfect for babies with sensitive skin - And yes - Sampling Child Products are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
  • The make - the great snuggle wraps are made from durable double stretch jersey. So they will last - we promise! They are also lightweight and breathable which is great for baby.
  • The size - At 110 cm x 110 cm these Sapling child Snuggle Wraps are big enough to wrap a baby (lucky that) but can also be used as blanket as baby grows.
  • Made with a conscious - look, the most important thing here is that the wrap is great for baby. But the fact that they are made under Fairtrade terms and without the use of pesticides and fertilizers is pretty cool too.


  • At $39.95 RRP, the Sapling Child Snuggle Wraps are not the cheapest wrap on the market. However we truely beleive that the extra dollars are worth spending for such a great wrap.
  • Sorry, we really couldn't think of anything else.

I guess its pretty obvious that we love the Sapling Child Snuggle Wraps. We are sure you and your baby will love them as well. Check out the designs  here.

Have you used Sapling Child products with your baby? Make a comment below and let us know what you think.

PS - Forgot to mention - Sapling Child products are all 100% Australian Owned and Designed.  

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