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Review of Aden and Anais Issie Security Blanket

Posted by Arne de Vos on

Looking for a stylish and effective security blanket or blankie? Today we review the Aden + Anais 100% Cotton Muslin Issie Security Blanket and find out just why they are so popular.

The Review

We gave a pack of the Issie Security Blankets to our good friend’s 5 month old baby girl and asked for feedback. The feedback was all positive and came with a request to buy another pack! The following review is a combination of our thoughts, our friends’ thoughts and information available across the web.

Baby Safe

It seems pretty straight forward. Common sense even. But we are constantly amazed at the products we see that are designed for use by baby, but are simply not baby safe. This is always the first thing we look at when reviewing security blankets and the Aden + Anais Issie Security Blanket passes with flying colours. No buttons, no fittings that can come loose; and these blankets are completely safe if baby decides to chew or suck. The breathable material also protects baby from suffocation as they can breathe through the blankie (but of course this should not be encouraged or promoted).

The Make

Aden + Anais Issie Security Blankets are made from 100% cotton muslin and are edged with satin. Lightweight and very soft and gentle on the skin, we find that muslin is the perfect material for baby security blankets.

There is some chatter around the web about these blankets being easy to snag and a bit fragile. While we have not had any issues to date (and not feedback from customers or reviewer with similar concerns) we do recommend care when taking out of the package and washing on gentle cycle.

The Features

There are a number of great features to the Issie Security Blanket from Aden + Anais which make them great for baby and likely to become a cherished friend during the early years.

First of all is simply the feel of the super soft and silky cotton muslin. The material really does soothe and comfort baby as claimed on the Aden + Anais website. The 100% cotton muslin is gentle on even the most sensitive skin and as mentioned above they are completely baby safe.

The material is also completely breathable which means baby can breathe through them and lowers the risk of overheating.

One of the great things about Aden + Anais is that there products come prewashed which means no further shrinkage. And they get softer with each wash.

At 40 cm x 40 cm the Issie Security Blankets are a great size and easy for baby to hold and not too big to take when you are on the go.

What you get

Each pack includes two 40 cm x 40 cm pre-washed 100% cotton muslin security blankets. Having two identical blankets is great as baby can have one while the other is in the wash!

The Verdict

Overall, despite the odd concern around these blankets being fragile that we came across, we love these security blankets and are confident in recommending them to anyone looking for a presentable and effective security blanket or blankie. They would also make a great baby shower gift.

You can check out all our Aden + Anais products on our Aden + Anais Page, or see all our baby comforters and security blankets on our Comforter and Blankie Page.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a happy and healthy baby!  

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