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​Review - 3 Sprouts Childrens Storage Bins

Posted by Arne de Vos on

Unique, funky, modern and fun. Just a few of the words we could use to describe the 3 Sprouts range of children’s storage bins, caddies, hampers and décor. It has taken a while, but 3 Sprouts has finally arrived at Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique. So we thought what better time to take one of the famous 3 Sprouts Storage Bins for a test drive.

                                                  3 Sprouts Storage Bin              3 Sprouts Storage Bin Monkey              3 Sprouts Storage Bin Dinosaur

The Brand

3 Sprouts is dedicated to the design of unique and modern baby products. Since 2007 they have create a collection or storage solutions, decor, hampers and other accessories that appealed to both parents and children.

The Product

The 3 Sprout Storage bin is a stylish and practical storage bin will make a fantastic addition to the nursery or your child's room. Each tub is made from heavy cotton canvas and features a large character polyester felt applique. They also include a polyethylene coating on the inside for easy cleaning.

With a height of 44.5 cm (17.5 inch) and diameter of 43 cm (17 inch) the tub itself is large enough to store lots of toys.

Tough and durable, the 3 Sprouts Storage Bin can handle anything your kids can throw at it. The tub folds up for easy put away when not in use.

What we Like

The look- The 3 Sprouts Storage Bin has a great look about it. The neutral colour canvas combined with the bright character applique makes it easy to choose a style that fits your decor and that your kids will love. The simplicity of the design itself has a simple elegance that when combined with the charismatic characters makes it perfect for the modern nursery or child's room.

What we Don't Like

We do love the 3 Sprouts Storage Bins but would like to see a couple of changes in future models. Firstly, while not essential, we feel that a lid would make a great addition, if only to make things a bit tidier when the tub is full of toys. The 3 Sprouts Storage Bin can also sag a bit when empty. 3 Sprouts have purposely not included an internal structure so as to avoid the use of wires that can potentially injure a child. This is great, however it does mean the storage bin can sag a bit when empty. Again, not a big deal.

We love the size of the tub, but would also like to see some smaller versions of the 3 Sprouts Storage Bin if only to provide a bit more choice and variety.

The price

The 3 Sprouts Storage Bin retails at $49.95 (AUD) including GST, so as far as canvas storage bins go, they are on the more expensive side. However, we do feel that the funky modern look combined with the high quality of the heavy canvass and the use of an applique does provide value for money.

                                              3 Sprouts Storage Bin - Toffee Bear            3 Sprouts Storage Bin - Pink Elephant             3 Sprouts Storage Bin - Sand Camel


Ok, so at the basic level a storage bin is a storage bin. If you are looking for something purely to store toys (or something similar) in and are not concerned around the look and feel of the product and how it fits in as part of the décor in your children’s rooms, then the 3 Sprouts range is probably not for you. We would certainly classify 3 Sprout bins as a premium item.

However if you are looking for a high quality, modern and funky storage bin solution; and are willing to pay a bit more, the 3 Sprouts range is certainly a great option.

Final Verdict

Its a bit of a splurge, but the 3 Sprouts Storage Bin looks great and is a great practical toy storage option for those who have a bit more to spend.

Click Here to check out the great range of 3 Sprout products available at Barney’s Toy Box.

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