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Guide to Baby Sleeping Bags and Wearable Blankets

Posted by Arne de Vos on

Why use a baby sleeping bag

While they are a relatively new concept in the western world, the use of baby sleeping bags has skyrocketed in recent years. Swaddles and sleeping bags have played a huge part in the reduction of SIDs deaths by over 85% since 1991 and also promote deeper, longer sleeps.

There are many benefits of using baby sleeping bags including:

  • Baby sleeping bags allow baby the room to move, kick and wriggle and even stand – all safely without kicking off the blanket
  • Baby sleeping bags replace traditional bedding such as sheets and blankets meaning a much lower risk of baby getting tangled in loose fitting bedding – this leads to a much decreased risk of SID
  • Baby sleeping bags are designed as wearable blankets – that is, the baby wears them and cannot kick them off. This means a baby wearing a baby sleeping bag is much less likely to wake up cold – and much less likely to wake you up as a result.
  • Baby sleeping bags are designed so that no extra blankets are required – so baby stays warm and comfortable with a much reduced risk of overheating – one of the major causes of SIDS.
  • Baby’s love them – that’s right, your baby will associate their baby sleeping bag with sleep time and they will also see the sleeping bag as a comforter – that little bit of extra security while travelling or at day care.
  • Parents love them – because they are easy to use, easy to care for and above all best for baby!

Barneys Toy Box offers a large range of baby sleeping bags from top brands such as ergoPouch. Remember, when your child is save and resting well – you and the rest of the family will sleep better. Check out our range now.

What TOG rating should I choose? And what should my babywear?

The TOG rating indicates the warmth provided by the sleeping bag (ok – it’s a bit more complicated than that but in essence that’s it). Generally, baby sleeping bags are rated 0.5 (for lightweight summer bags) to 2.5 (for thicker winter bags). Below is a general guide.

So what TOG rating should you use? Well that depends (sorry!). It depends on a number of factors including:

  • The time of year and weather conditions
  • Where you live
  • The characteristics of your home and nursery (do you have the aircon on, windows open, insulation).

All a bit complicated but luckily there is lots of information out there with recommendations for what babies should wear and what TOG rating to use depending on the temperature of the nursery – by the way if you don’t already have a nursery thermometer go out and get one now (and while you are there get one for testing the bath water temperature as well).

Here is the information as provided by Plum Collection – a SIDS and KIDS endorsed product.


TOG Rating of Sleeping Bag

What baby should wear under the sleeping bag

16 deg Celsius

2.5 TOG

Long sleeve bodysuit, sleepsuit or pyjamas

18 deg Celsius

2.5 TOG

Long sleeve bodysuit and pyjamas

20 deg Celsius

2.5 TOG

Long sleeve bodysuit

20 deg Celsius

1.0 TOG

Long sleeve bodysuit and pyjama bottoms

21 deg Celsius

1.0 TOG

Long sleeve bodysuit

23 deg Celsius

1.0 TOG

Short sleeve bodysuit

24- 27 deg Celsius

0.5 TOG

Short sleeve bodysuit

Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique offers a large range of baby sleeping bags with TOG ratings ranging from 0.5 TOG to 2.5 TOG. Check out our range now.

What Size?

Baby sleeping bags are generally available from birth to 36 months of age; however the babies’ size is the crucial factor when choosing a size. Please also note that swaddling is recommended for very young babies (0-3 months) so that they remain on their back while sleeping and do not wake up due to baby’s natural startle reflex.

Choosing the correct size of sleeping bag for your baby is crucial for ensuring their safety. A bag that is to big can lead to babies head slipping through and covering babies face. Choose the size correctly and you can rest assured that that will never happen. All our baby sleeping bags at Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique have detailed size guides in the listing – but please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Finally, please resist the urge to buy a larger bag so that baby can ‘grow’ into it. Yes, this may look like a value for money approach, but the risks of using a baby sleeping bag that is to large is not worth the dollars saved – ever.

What Fabric?

Well that is completely up to you! We have a number of choices at Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique including organic cotton, muslin, organic bamboo and cotton. Each of these provides different benefits and yes the choice can be difficult. But rest assured that whatever you choose, Barneys Toy Box only carries top quality products from trusted suppliers. You can be sure you are getting a great baby sleeping bag with quick delivery and a fair returns and exchange policy.

How many do I need?

Baby sleeping bags need to be washed regularly and of course sometimes they can get messy in the middle of the night. We would recommend having 2-3 bags for your current baby size and season. You could maybe add one more if your baby is attending childcare and you plan to leave it there during the week (the bag – not the baby). Babies grow quickly so we would not recommend having more than 2-3. Sounds expensive? Well yes it can be, especially replacing the bags as baby grows. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the baby sleeping bag replaces sheets and blankets which can significant offset the cost.

A few more things to consider

When searching for that perfect sleeping bag for your baby, you might want to consider the following:

  • Baby sleeping bags can often be used during travel – look for a bag that has slots that allow access for a 3 and 5 point harness systems to allow baby to wear the bag in the car seat
  • Zipper pulls on clothes and sleeping bags can scratch young skin and can also allow for adventurous fingers to undo the bag. Choose a bag with covers or slots to hide away the zipper pulls.
  • When choosing winter sleeping bags with organic material always check the filling type – the filling is not always organic and is often polyester

Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique stocks a wide range of baby sleeping bags including organic bamboo and muslin bags from tops brands such as ergoPouch

Check out our great range of baby sleeping bags now.

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