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Benefits of Organic Bamboo Baby Clothes and Blankets

Posted by Arne de Vos on

bamboo.jpgThere is no doubt that the popularity of organic bamboo fabric for baby clothes and baby blankets is growing rapidly, but why is organic bamboo becoming so popular? In this post, we explore the benefits of organic bamboo baby clothes and blankets which are amongst Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique’s best-selling items.

As the impact of human consumption becomes clearer, there is a greater focus on the use of sustainable products such as bamboo fabric. Of course, at the end of the day, a parent’s priority is always going to be what is best for baby and they will choose products accordingly. Finally, the reality of price, or more precisely ‘value for money’ is still a key factor when making any purchase especially with the increasing costs of caring for a baby.

It is these three reasons why bamboo fabric is often the best choice for baby clothes or baby blankets. They are also the reason why the Olliboo Organic BabywearBabyjo and Aden + Anais brands are so popular at Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique. 


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Reason 1 - Best for Baby

eco-natural-webready-302-detail.jpgLet’s face it, the most important consideration when selecting baby clothes or a quality baby blanket is what’s best for baby (that’s kind of our job as parents). Every other consideration will go out the window. So why are organic bamboo baby clothes, blanket, sleeping bags and wearable blankets best for baby?

Firstly, bamboo products are naturally softer meaning they are more comfortable and less likely to irritate the skin. Organic bamboo baby clothes are perfect for babies with dry or sensitive skin and are well known to be suitable for babies with eczema.

olliboo-true-knit-pink-stripe.jpgAnti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-fungal – natural organic bamboo fabric ticks all of these boxes which make them perfect for baby clothes. These natural characteristics makes bamboo baby clothes and bamboo baby blanket less likely to irritate babies skin and also less likely to carry nasty bugs or fungi which may affect baby’s health.

Organic bamboo baby clothes and blankets are much more breathable than traditional fabrics. This helps to regulate your baby’s temperature by keeping baby’s skin dry and allowing air flow.

Finally, as organic bamboo is grown and processed without the use of harsh chemicals (pesticides or insecticides), there is no risk of these chemicals impacting on your babies health.


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Reason 2 - Sustainable

The use of sustainable products is a key concern for many parents today and why not? Your babies need to live in this world long after we are gone, so taking steps to protect the environment and promote a sustainable future make perfect sense.

Baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes made from organic bamboo fabric are better for the environment because organic bamboo is a sustainable product. Bamboo is a fast growing sustainable product that does not require the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. It also requires minimal water (unlike cotton). Organic bamboo fabric is the perfect choice for baby clothes and blankets for the eco-conscious parent.

Reason 3 - Value for money

So organic bamboo baby clothes and blankets are better for baby and better for the environment, but what about better for your wallet? As the use of organic bamboo fabric increases, the price of organic bamboo baby clothes and blankets has become much more competitive. These days you can find high quality organic bamboo baby clothes at very reasonable prices (check out our Olliboo Organic Babywear Bamboo Cardigans for only $26.95 or Olliboo Garden Dresses for only $39.95). Indeed, most organic bamboo baby clothes now sell at the same or similar prices as similar cotton items.

However, in our opinion they offer much better value for money; as in addition to the benefits highlighted earlier; organic bamboo baby clothes and blankets are more durable than cotton meaning more wears, less impact from washes and more bang for your hard earned buck.    


olliboo-bamboo-7.jpg  olliboo-organic-cardigan-sky-blue.jpgolliboo-bamboo-muslin-wrap-set-1.jpg  

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So there are lots of reasons to choose organic bamboo baby clothes and blankets and Barneys Toy Box Baby Boutique is the perfect place to find exactly what you are looking for. Not only are organic bamboo baby clothes and blankets better for your baby, better for the environment and better value for money, they also look and feel great. We are sure you and your baby will love them.

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