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Aden and Anais Princess Possie Butterfly and Liam the Brave Prints Discontinued

Posted by Arne de Vos on

Aden + Anais classic and popular prints the Princess Possie Butterfly print and the Liam the Brave Flying Dog print have been discontinued. In today’s post we take one last look at two of our favourite Aden + Anais styles.

The end of an era

DISCONTINUED!!! - that's right, we went to place an order to restock on the popular Princess Possie Butterfly and Liam the Brave Flying Dog products and saw the word every retailer hates to see next to bestsellers – discontinued.

So, yep we are coming to the end of an era, as we see the last of these popular prints on items such as the Issie Baby Security Blanket, Musy Mate Lovey, Baby Sleeping Bags, Swaddles, Towels, Cot sheets and more go to happy homes.



Just how popular are Princess Possie Butterfly and Liam the Brave Flying Dog?

Very. We managed to secure some of the last stock of the Princess Possie Butterfly Issie Security Blankets but they are flying off the shelf five times faster than the other available styles. They are no longer available at all in the U.S.A, so we are shipping them almost daily from Australia. The Princess Possie Butterfly Musy Mate’s sold out months ago and the last of our Liam the Brave Flying Dog Musy Mate’s sold over the weekend.

So why are they no more?

To be honest, we don’t know for sure. But brands do need to progress, stay current, evolve. You can only have so many active styles before you are competing with yourself. Most likely it was just time. I am sure the good people at Aden + Anais know what they are doing.


Why we love Princess Possie Butterfly and Liam the Brave Flying Dog 

We love them because both our customers and our daughters love them. Chloe (now 4) had both a Liam the Brave Flying Dog Musy Mate and a Princess Possie Butterfly Musy Mate. Emily (19 months) now has the Musy Mates and is totally attached to her Princess Possie Butterfly Issie Security Blankets (don’t worry, we have some spares stashed away). The beauty of these prints really lies in their simplicity, use of white space and uniqueness. They are not in your face, but rather present a sense of style and security.

The Problem 

Ok, so we get while styles need to come and go, but the problem is, babies don’t understand. They decide which one is their favourite and that is pretty much it. So when popular prints are no longer available, parents can be left with the dilemma of searching frantically for a replacement that may very well not be available. Just like what we are seeing now from our American customers, who are paying international shipping rates to secure spare and replacement Princess Possie Butterfly Issie Baby Security Blankets.


The good news                                                                  

Look, ok it’s not all doom and gloom. Let’s face it, Aden + Anais products come in many great prints (Jungle Jam Giraffe is one of our favourite) and they are constantly coming out with more great products and prints.

And the good news is that at the time of writing we still have a limited number of Princess Possie Butterfly Issie Baby Security Blankets and Hooded Baby Bath Wraps in stock. In addition, the Liam the Brave Flying Dog style lives on in the newly released Aden + Anais Swaddle and Cuddly Toy Set which includes a 120 cm x 120 cm muslin swaddle and a 28 cm baby safe plush toy.

Don't miss your last chance to secure these classic prints or maybe grab a spare for when her Issie needs a wash!

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