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50 Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Posted by Arne de Vos on

Struggling with what to get an expectant mum at the Baby Shower? In this post we look at some great ideas for the perfect Baby Shower Gift.

Something Practical

1. Meals for a month – fill the freezer with healthy yummy food and

Aden Anais Issie Security Blanket

2. Professional house cleaning – take mum out for lunch while someone cleans the house

3. Gift certificate – so they can get what they want!

4. Basic clothes such as a singlets and sleep suit – but in a bigger size as mum will likely get heaps of newborn size and babies generally grow bigger not smaller

5. Nappies – pretty obvious – but that’s why everyone will bring them!

6. Books for baby

7. An emergency ‘situation’ bag – full of nappies ect and to keep in the car – just in case

8. Swaddles, wraps, or other bedding – try the  ergoCocoon 2 in 1 Swaddle and Sleep Bag

9. Baby Carrier (e.g. a BabyBjorn) – makes getting out of the house so much easier

10 .Baby toys such as a soft book – make sure they are suitable for age 0M+

11. Baby food preparation items e.g. baby food blenders, bottle sterilisers, bottle warmers

Bbox bottle and dispenser

12. Baby bottles such as the B.Box Baby Bottle and Formula Dispenser

13. Play mat or play gym – baby will love them

14. Baby change table cover

15. Travel change mat and nappy wallet like the  B.Box Nappy Wallet – for mums on the go

16. A basket of goodies – include items such as lotions,  a soft toy and maybe a chocolate or two for mum

17. Baby Bibs – can never have enough of these with a new baby in the house

18. A nappy bag – but make sure its practical and a style mum will love

19.A pregnancy pillow – which turns into a baby feeding pillow

20.A cloth nappy service for a month – but check with mum first!

21. Baby ‘oppsie’ supplies – baby panadol, a thermometer, balm and some nappy rash cream – because the first time they will need it the chemist will be closed!

22. A nappy stacker – looks great in the nursery and helps store all those nappies

23. A baby care pack – include a comb or brush, nail clippers, nail file and some wipes and baby powder and your set

Something Cute

24. Cute outfit – but keep the colours and style neutral unless you know the sex of the baby.

25. Baby booties – not exactly practical items but oh so cute.

26. Baby hats – Baby + Hat = CuteSquared

27. Nursery decorations such as wall decals – but be sure you know mums taste or they will likely never be used

28. A nappy cake – full of nappies with a soft toy or two

29. Some good quality hooded baby towels

Baby comforters and teethers

30. Baby security blankets or loveys such as the  Aden + Anais Issie Security Blanket

31. Baby comforter or security toys such as the  Aden + Anais Musy Mates

32. Teething Pacifier – they won’t use it for 6 months but still a great gift

Parenting Help

33. Parenting magazine subscription

34. A parenting help book – try www.peterdowney.com.au/so-youre-going-to-be-a-dad...

35. A baby food cookbook

Something for mum that is for mum (i.e not about the baby)

36. Prepaid massage, pedicure or facial – mum wants it but won’t ask

37. Date night certificate – you baby sit, they go out and have fun!

38. Books for mum – fifty shades of grey……

Something as a keepsake

39. Gift from the heart – you know better than me what this should be

40. A Book About Me – idea for recording every baby’s unique journey

41. Photo frames or albums

42. An online gift certificate for a photo to be printed on canvas

43. Gift certificate for a family or baby photo-shoot

44. A baby scrapbook

45. Plant a tree – for something truly unique, plant a tree and dedicate it to the new baby

46. Baby time capsule – everyone puts in something today for baby to open on their 18th birthday or wedding day

Something handmade

47. Handmade blankets

48. Handmade baby booties

49. Handmade baby hats

For Dad

50. A daddy nappy bag – it’s a nappy bag but man style!

Do you have a great suggestion for a Baby Shower Gift? Join the conversation below!

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