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Top 5 Picks for Christmas Presents for Boys Aged 2 to 6

Posted by Arne de Vos on

Only 12 weeks until another Christmas is upon us. Can you believe it? We are busy getting ready with heaps of new plush and interactive plush toys just arrived or due to arrive in the next couple of weeks. So what better time to take a look at the best plush and interactive plush toys for kids this Christmas? Today and over the coming weeks we will present our top five toys for boys and girls under six, as well as for babies under 2.

Today we countdown our Top Five Picks for Christmas for Boys Age 2 to 6.

No. 5 – Talking Hoot the Owl Interactive Plush Toy

Talking Hoot Interactive Plush Toy

Hello Night Owls! Coming in at number 5 is everyone’s favourite crazy owl, Hoot from ABC TV’s Giggle & Hoot. This Interactive Plush Toy Hoot says six ‘hootacular’ phrases that children will recognise from the hit show.

Cuddly, cute and instantly recognisable, Talking Hoot Interactive Plush Toy is a great choice this Christmas.

Hoot Hoot!!!

No. 4 – Curious George Plush Toy

Curious George Plush ToyIs your little one just a little bit mischievous? If so, number 4 in our countdown of the best Christmas gifts for boys aged 2 to 6 might just be the perfect.

The Curious George Plush Toy wears his classic red shirt with yellow signature and features long limbs and accurate details. Yes, he is mischievous, but this little African Monkey is also sweet and lovable; and is bound to be a favourite from day 1.

No. 3 – Talking Peter Rabbit Interactive Plush Toy

Peter Rabbit Interactive Plush Toy

We all know the classic story… Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter’… From those humble first words and enduing phenomenon has grown - The World of Beatrix Potter.

Instantly recognisable, the Talking Peter Rabbit interactive plush toy comes in third in the countdown. Squeeze his tummy to hear 5 classic Peter Rabbit phrases from ABC Kids current adaption of the classic show. Any young fan of the show would love to join the Talking Peter Rabbit Interactive Plush Toy as he and his friends find fun and excitement in the most unexpected places.

Lets Hop To It!

No. 2 – Fire and Ice Plush Toy Dragons

Blue Ice Plush Toy Dragon

Red Fire Plush Toy Dragon

Brand new and totally awesome, the Fire and Ice Plush Toy Dragons from NICI Plush Toys have been made with a great attention to detail. The Red Fire Dragons are a bright red and have accents of deep orange with black wings, while the Ice Dragons are a stunning dark blue with accents of lime green with black wings.

While they may have terrifyingly ferocious faces, the Fire and Ice Plush Toy Dragons are actually quite friendly to family and friends. Super soft and cuddly, they are sure to become great friends to a little boy, which is why they come in second in our countdown.

No. 1 – Thunder Stompers Interactive Plush Dinosaurs

Thunder Stomper Interactive Plush Toy Dinosaur - Slash the T-RexSo we here we are at Number One in our countdown of the best Christmas Toys for Boys aged 2 to 6. And it’s a pretty clear winner, particularly for boys that love dinosaurs and loud noises (that is, all of them).

Our Top Pick, is the brand new Thunder Stomper Dinosaur Interactive Plush Toys. These 30 cm tall dinosaurs are made from high quality plush, and are soft but rugged toys featuring vibrant colours. They make roaring and thundering stomping sounds when you stomp their feet.

With a choice between Flash the CorythosaurSlash the T-Rex, Mash the Apatosuarus and Crash the Triceratops, the real decision is not should we get a Thunder Stomper, its which one should we get.

Thunder Stompers Interactive Plush Toy - Crash the TriceratopsThunder Stomper Interactive Plush Toy Dinosaur - Flash The CorythosaurThunder Stompers Interactive Plush Toys - Mash the Apatosaurus

Comments or suggestions?

So there are our Top Five picks for Christmas presents for boy aged 2 to 6. Some great toys that are sure to make any young boy happy on Christmas Day.

Have some questions, comments or suggestions? Continue the conversation in the comments section below or like us on facebook!

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