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What our kids love from Barney's Toy Box

Posted by Arne de Vos on

We would be lying if we said running a baby and toy store didn’t come with certain advantages when you have young kids. For us, that means our ‘big’ girl Chloe and twin toddlers Emily and Logan get to use and test many of the products we stock at Barney’s Toy Box. From Korimco Plush Toys to Aden and Anais security blankets and ergoPouch sleep suit bags, in today’s post we take a look at Barney’s human siblings favorites.

B.Box Essential Sippy Cups

The award winning B.Box Essential Sippy Cups are a must have item. Emily and Logan have used them from about 6 months and simply love them. A year later and we still use the first sippy cups that we opened despite the rough treatment all sippy cups get from toddlers.

We love the B.Box Essential Sippy Cup, as they have not leaked and the weighted straw means that it’s easy for the twins to drink from them. The only issue we have had is arguments over the colour (they always want the colour the other one has). So we have recently grabbed a couple of the limited addition watermelon colour sippy cups to stop the arguments (well this particular one anyway).

We certainly expect them to last and still be using them for another year. Just as a side note, you can get replacement straws and lids, but we have not had to.

Just on the subject of B.Box, we also found that the B.Box Essential Nappy Wallet was great when we were travelling. The convenience of having the wipes, nappies and a change mat in one package made those on the go change that much easier.

                      B.Box Sippy Cup Orange Zing   B.Box Sippy Cup Pineapple

Aden + Anais Issie Security Blankets and Musy Mate Lovey

We have written about the Aden + Anais Issie Security Blankets and Musy Mate Loveys and how much Chloe and Emily love theirs recently. Chloe had both a Liam the Brave Flying Dog Musy Mate and a Princess Possie Butterfly Musy Mate when she was younger and Emily now has the Musy Mates and is totally attached to her Princess Possie Butterfly Issie Security Blankets. Check out the blog posts here to read more.

                                                          Aden + Anais Princess Possie Issie Security Blanket    

Plush Toys

When you have boxes and boxes of plush toys, it is only natural that some of them will end up as your kids special snugglies. Here are some of the special shots taken with Emily, Logan and Chloe with their toys including Heartwarmer Teddy Bear, Twinkle Giraffe Baby Toy and Starlight Unicorn, all from Korimco Soft Plush Toys. We send out 100’s of soft plush toys of all colours and characters each month and it’s certainly makes it all worth while knowing that each of them has become a new friend for a young child somewhere in the world. Why not check out our plush toys section or our Teddy Bear Shop and find your littles one’s special friend?

    Korimco Twinkles Giraffe    Korimco Pippins Perry Penguin Soft Plush Toy Heartwarmer Teddy Bear Soft Plush ToyStarlight Unicorn Soft Plush Toy

ErgoPouch 2 in 1 Sleep Suit Bags

Finally we have ergoPouch sleepsuit. The rain hasn’t arrived in Perth yet, but the temperature has dropped and there is no doubt winter has started. That’s why the twins have recently graduated into the 3.5 TOG ergoPouch 2 in 1 sleeping bag and sleep suit. ergoPouch say that the organic cotton sleepsuit bag is the ultimate in baby sleeping versatility and we have to agree. Perfect for baby or toddler to sleep in and fantastic when you want your little one to be independent and mobile, but still want all the advantages that come with a sleeping bag. Logan has the Navy Cross (which is also out most popular style), while Emily has the Dandelion style.

                   ErgoPouch Baby Sleepsuit Bag 3.5 TOG - Navy Cross    ErgoPouch Baby Sleepsuit Bag 3.5 TOG - Dandeline

Comments or suggestions?

So there is a little light hearted look at how we test some of the products we have available at Barney’s Toy Box. We would love to hear what your little one’s can’t live without. Continue the conversation in the comments section below or like us on Facebook!

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